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How to Get Dribbble Invites

During my frequent search of Dribbble freebies, I came across enough posts in which Dribbble players got a batch of invites and offered them to people. Sometimes I would find more than one of those posts in a single day. So I figured out, why not share them to my loyal Freebbble readers?

So here, let me teach you how to find these elusive Dribbble invites!

Know Where to Find Them

The easiest way to find Dribbble invites is from your friend who is already a Dribbble player. Obviously. However, if you’re here, that’s probably not an option for you. Don’t worry, there’s still another way.

As far as I know, Dribbble invite offers show up most frequently not on Twitter, not on Facebook, not on Pinterest, but on the Dribbble site itself. With this knowledge in hand, here are some pointers.

  • Your first option is to use Dribbble’s search function. Try ‘invite’ or ‘dribbble invite’ for keywords. On the search result page, make sure you set the Sort option to ‘Latest’. This is so that you don’t find stale invite shots where all the invitations were already taken.
    How to get dribbble invites search
  • Another option is to check shots tagged witn ‘invite’. They are automatically sorted by date (which is great), but sometimes the shots are mixed between Dribbble invites and new players thanking other players who drafted them.
  • You can also explore daily popular Dribbble shots. Dribbble invite shots are usually quite popular, so that’s where you should first look. Go to the Highlight page. On there, check the “Today” link in the Popular Shots section. You want to check the latest shots first for the best chance.
    How to get dribbble invites step 1
  • Try going deeper, about 10-20 pages of that day’s popular shots. If you find nothing, you can use the navigation on top right to check shots on the previous page:
    How to get dribbble invites step 2

That’s all the key to getting a Dribbble invite. Good luck, and I’ll see you there!

The Requirements

Now that you’ve hopefully found a shot offering Dribbble invites, you stand a chance to get that invite. However, finding it is just the first step. Usually, players offering invites will require you to do things before they invite you. These requirements are usually:

  • URL to your portfolio. You do have a portfolio page somewhere, right? Players usually take pride on their drafts, so they will want to give their invites to great designers.
  • Sometimes, players will only want a few of your best shots. Here’s an example invite giveaway shot with such requirements.
  • Your Dribbble account URL. You can sign up to Dribbble without invites (as a Prospect), and players will need to know your account before they can send the invite.
  • Players might also have various different requirements and preferences. Make sure you read their entire post before asking for the invites!

Update: You can also try Draft.im, a site specializing in Dribbble invites.