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KaredockPro: Advanced Ecommerce User Interface Kit

KaredockPro, made by Tokokoo, is an advanced user interface kit containing 200 design elements, made as an Adobe Photoshop PSD file. It is well organized, with fully editable vector shapes and layers, so you can easily pick and modify any elements you want.KaredockPro is available in two color schemes: Light and Dark version.

KaredockPro is geared towards Ecommerce design, but it works just as well with any other kind of design, even for web and mobile apps!

Anyways, enough of the sales-y pitch. Even just three paragraphs are too agonizing to write. Let’s just have a quick tour to what’s provided by this UI kit!

Pricing, Ribbon, Badge

Various pricing table styles are available, with emphasis for your most popular pricing option. Ribbons and badges are smart ways to show quick info (Sale! Discount! Alert!) on your items.

Sliders and Avatars

User testing shows that sliders don’t work, but your clients will request them anyway. Might as well give them something that looks slick, like this one we have from KaredockPro. Avatars, on the other hand, are super useful: it gives instant recognition and familiarity to users.

Tables, Paginations and Tabs

Yes, plural. We have a bunch of variations here, all looking great.

Timeline, Timeline contents, Map, Contact

Looking to create a great Tumblr theme? This can be a good start.

Notification Alert, Flipclock, Wizard

And now we’re heading into apps territory. KaredockPro is quite versatile, I tell you.

Navigation, Accordion, Dropdown

At this point you’re probably wondering, “Hey, he mentioned about Light version a while back. I’d like to see that!” Well, here you go, the Light version in all its lightness glory:

Music, Videos, Comments

Have a lot of different media on your site? Here are some clever skins for them.

Header, Product Thumbnail, and Buttons

And now, here are some good elements for any Ecommerce site.

Graphs and Stats

These are mostly back-end elements. Except if you’re one of those favorite people of mine who share the inner working and stats of their business and then display them in nice infographics for all to learn. These are great for that purpose too.


Can’t be a proper UI kit without forms, don’t you think?

Calendar, Colorpicker, Login and Social button

More form elements.

License information

Here at Freebbble, we’re big about license information. Can’t be too careful about it. And it’s a great think that KaredockPro is free to use for both commercial and personal purposes.

Buy Now

This is the point where most marketers will request you to ready your wallet and buy the thing straight away. But not here. You yourself decide whether you need it or not. I will just summon the buy button for you:

Buy KaredockPro for US$ 19

P.S.: The Buy button will send you directly to Tokokoo‘s checkout page. Your purchase of KaredockPro supports Freebbble (basically I get a kickback for every purchase).

KaredockLite UI Kit, Free!

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KaredockPro Quick Info:

(a.k.a the TL;DR version)

  • 200 design elements
  • Fully layered, vector shaped, well organized PSD file
  • 2 color schemes: Dark and Light
  • License: Free for both commercial and personal use

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